Functional Service Provision

Functional Service Provision is the placing of project teams in-house on a flexible basis. The service has been developed to ensure our clients are able to successfully deliver their projects on time and to budget. This is a completely bespoke approach to ensure the specific needs of your project are met.

FSP acts as a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to outsourcing project work. We source and place project teams in-house, allowing them to integrate into your business systems and processes. Team members effectively become part of in-house operations, even though they are not employed by you. So you have a fully functional project team and can focus on the project work rather than the administrative input that would be required of you if you were to outsource the work.

As FSP staff are fully integrated into your team there is a high degree of control over project monitoring and delivery, matching your operating culture, processes and standards. 

The FSP approach can be implemented on any size project and can match your company’s priorities. Resources can be scaled up or down depending on the real-time requirements of the project. To find out more, contact us.


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